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He continued: "The IWC watchmakers are amazing. Each watch is like an art piece on your wrist. Watches were always something I aspired to. I believe every boy has looked up at an older person and wanted to wear a watch. I remember that my grandfather had a nice watch, and I thought I should work up to wearing one like it. "I have a collaboration which allows me to choose the watch I want. However, I still wait until I feel like I've earned it before I wear certain watches."

IWC Pilot's Watch Automatic 36

Which IWC does he wear most often?

He offers me his wrist and says "The Pilot Automatic." This one,Omega Replica Watches I've worn a lot. It comes in several different colors. Recently, I spent a lot of time in the ocean on vacation so I bought a Jacques Cousteau. It was incredible. It was fine after all the abuse. You can clean it with a hose. It's an incredible watch."

His venture into the world of watches has also influenced his film choices. "[IWC CEO] Chris [Grainger Herr] is interested in storytelling. I have been able travel the world with IWC, and this has allowed me to get to know so many filmmakers. I never imagined that I would be meeting industry professionals in China or Dubai. This has been an incredibly creative and fruitful relationship for me. I met Armie Hammer at an IWC event at Tribeca at the film fest. Armie is my favorite actor, and we had a wonderful time together. We were both pushed to the limit by a movie being made, Hotel Mumbai.

Aquatimer Automatic "Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau Edition"

He has primarily worked as an actor but is now branching into directing.Breitling Replica Watches Roborovski is currently in post-production. He has directed an animated short. He is preparing to make his feature-length directorial debut with a revenge thriller set in India called Monkey Man. Filming will begin in early 2020. Patel, who will also star in this film, describes being in charge of the project as "both terrifying AND SO exciting."